Our Approach

A Different Kind Of IT Company

We have spent decades in the computer industry working at local computer shops and saw the way the owners fleeced their customers, gouging them an unnecessary parts and overcharging for labor. This was absolutely abhorrent to us. We believed there had to be a better way.

Thus, FireEdgeIT was born. We decided that we would be a beacon of hope to those suffering with computer issues. We would free them from the arbitrary and exorbitant service fees.

Our promise to you is that we will be 100% honest and fair when discussing your issues. We will only suggest components and labor as absolutely necessary. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our Story

Our Story

The founder and CEO of FireEdgeIT, Thomas Luu, has over 20 years of experience in the industry. He graduated from ITT Technical Institute - Springfield, VA with an A.S. in Computer Network Systems.

He is deeply familiar with Windows, OS X, Linux, DOS, C, C++, HTML, and is always studying the latest technologies, such as Swift, Python, and PHP.

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